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24/7 Service is our most important product. We currently are operating 16 individual transmitter sites across 6 Arizona counties for maximum coverage and reliability of our customers communications. Statewide 800 Mhz Trunked LTR Dispatch, Wide-Area Networked Dispatch,Telephone Interconnect, Direct 911 emergency access. UHF LTR Trunked & Conventional Dispatch. Quality repeater systems, with backup generator or battery power systems on all sites to keep your communications operating through all of Arizonas harshest weather conditions.

We are the ONLY TWO-WAY RADIO communications provider that has the widest area coverage in Arizona. No other provider covers as much square mileage as we do within Arizona. Our radio network allows customers to communicate directly with their units from their main office location (town) to towns that are outside of normal radio communications ranges. IE: Handheld in Showlow can talk with a bus in Phoenix, Payson, or Flagstaff. We have coverage along roads where cell phone service is poor or non-existent. Radio communications are DPS approved for driver use at all times. Cellular communications with the driver are restricted to only when the bus is stopped and parked. This also applies to ALL cellular based push to talk type services. Our radio network cannot be overloaded in an emergency since the general public never has access to it, as they do with cellular. You ALWAYS have priority access on our network.

So whether you need to communicate with only a few, or several hundred units at once, we can supply you with the proper equipment and network to reliably cover your districts needs today, and well into the future.

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