The FCC has established a timeline for ALL users of VHF and UHF radio equipment to transition from current 25 khz (wideband) channels down to narrowband 12.5 khz, or if they choose ultra narrowband 6.25khz digital only channels. 12.5 khz operations can be operated in either analog or digital mode dependent on your choice of equipment. Please read the official FCC document that we have available here on our web-site , and pay particular attention to the paragraphs highlighted in RED. Users of systems operating in the 800 mhz or 900 mhz bands are not affected by any of these upcoming changes, however some 900 mhz equipment will no longer be manufactured after 2010 due to the small number of two-way users in the 900 mhz band.

FCC Rules:
Federal Communications Commission:

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), sections 90.209(b)(6)(i), 90.209(b)(6)(ii) and 90.209(b)(5) for licensee deadlines, and 90.203(j)(3) and 90.203(j)(10) for manufacturer deadlines:

FCC narrowbanding guidelines summary:


FCC Licensing and Coordination Guidelines:
FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau sites for licensing and frequency coordination procedures:

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