Digital technology has finally come to the two-way radio business bands. Our testing of the 6.25 full digital technology has netted some impressive results. Audio has absolutely no noise but is not as natural sounding as a good strong analog signal. Actual range of a unit can be up to 25% better that the same unit operating under the same exact conditions in analog mode. Currently there are only two major manufactures that have built the 6.25khz ultra-narrowband radios and repeater systems that will eventually be required by the FCC. They are Kenwood and ICOM. Motorola has a product (Moto-Trbo) that operates at the 12.5khz bandwidth standard with two simultaneous voice paths, so they market their product as "6.25khz equivalent", even though it is not true 6.25khz technology. Digital radios are currently available in the VHF & UHF bands only at his time, 800 mhz digital is expected to be introduced in the first quarter of 2011. No manufacturer currently has intentions to produce 900 mhz digital equipment. If you would like a "real world " demo comparison of analog and digital, we would be happy to bring equipment and come meet with you so you can experience the difference firsthand.

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