Company Motto: "Modern Technology, With Old-Fashioned Service".

Mission Statement: "To provide our customers with the highest quality, cutting edge products, and the best ongoing service support to help their business operations succeed by utilizing radio communications".

C&M Communications is one of the true American "Mom & Pop" companies. It started operations in the owners living room, branched into the laundry room, made the carport into an office, and finally added a garage! Then it moved to bigger facilities, and added a location. Hereís a brief synopsis.

C&M Communications was started in 1991 by Chris & Mary Salgot. The company originally was run from their residence in Phoenix Arizona. Chris at that time had 13 years of experience in the radio communications field. C&M started by doing sub-contract work primarily for other local communications companies that had both installation and technical needs that their internal staffís didnít have time to adequately attend to. In 1992 C&M also became a dealer for Standard Communications Land Mobile Radio Division. This allowed the company the ability to begin to develop its own end-user customer base. Chris sold, installed and repaired radios, both for customers directly and also continued to work as a sub-contractor. Mary worked outside of the business, plus handled the accounting and customer phone calls.

In 1994 to help better support their customers, C&M decided to branch out in the repeater portion of two-way communications. This quickly became a big asset to the company, as now customers could "one-stop" shop for all their radio communications requirements. In 1996 C&M relocated their residence, and office to Glendale Arizona. Mary no longer worked outside of the business as her time was required semi-fulltime to keep up on all of the accounting and office duties. The company continued to add repeater channels and transmitter sites across the Phoenix metro area, further enhancing their coverage footprint. Most of the sub-contract work for other communications shops now had to be declined as the C&M core business customer base had grown substantially. C&M also traveled throughout the State of Arizona serving customers communications needs. C&M was now hiring sub-contractors to help fulfill the installation and service requirements for proper maintenance of its own customers .

In January of 2000 C&M opened a second office location in the small Rim Country town of Payson, Arizona. That same year C&M became a dealer for Kenwood Communications Products which proved to be a very beneficial move as Kenwood has a worldwide presence, and is known for manufacturing high quality products.

Today C&M still maintains offices both in Glendale and Payson. Chris & Mary are both very active in the daily business operations, work out of both offices, to best serve the needs of C&Mís customers.

R & M Repeater

R&M Repeater was started in Payson Arizona in the mid 1970's by Robert Miller. It was then operated as a subsidiary of Arizona Radio Communications, that was located in Phoenix. Arizona Radio was also owned by Robert Miller. The purpose for forming R&M was to be a local area repeater system provider designed to serve customers located in Arizona's Mogollon Rim Country. Chris worked for Arizona Radio during the 1980's until the company sold to a large nationwide carrier in 1990.This carrier bought all of Arizona Radio assets, except for R&M Repeater. In 1992 Robert & Chris formed an Arizona Partnership keeping the established R&M name, with Chris performing operating and managing duties,and Robert, now retired, functioning as a consultant. The company has continued to flourish by focusing on serving northern rural communities in Arizona. R&M currently has numerous transmitter sites located across five northern Arizona Counties.

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